We have recently worked with integrating WooCommerce Subscriptions and MailChimp. Our solution includes a plugin which enables to manage MailChimp Mailing list members from WordPress. ItĀ features automatic subscription, unsubscription and PayPal payment processing. So, it works for itself automatically and without action from admin.


Allows to subscribe and unsubscribe to a paid mailing list through Paypal which let the users enjoy email subscription through MailChimp.


– Automatic subscription and unsubscription from the MailChimp, happens without action from admin
– Paypal integration supported (tested through Stripe)
– Payment processed by Woocommerce
– Works with Woocommerce Subscriptions
– Adds first name, last name etc. to Mailchimp so that it can be used in email body
– Handles payment problems
– Instruction manual available

These featuresĀ can be customized if you hire us


– Woocommerce
– Woocommerce Subscriptions