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79mplus Affiliates

Earn commission for helping others!

We offer 20% commission on each sale. Get rewards for referring anyone who are looking to buy something from 79mplus for their awesome next project. Great for referring to a friend, a client, a colleague or basically anyone.

Do you have a social media community? People that trust you? Have experience in advertising or promotion? Benefit from your followers, join our program and help them get their awesome project running.

How It Works?

It’s so easy! We have an easy to setup system to get you going almost instantly! Here’s how:

  • Register to our program with a short form to fill.
  • Get a refer link from your Affiliate area.
  • Ask your followers or friends to buy using that link.
  • Get paid!
  • A cookie will be set once the link is visited.
  • The referrer will be set with the cookie.
  • Once the cookie is set, it will stay there for 30 days.
  • Any purchase made on that period will be credited to you.


Here are some nifty details that you need to know about the program:

  • 20% of the final sale price will be given as commission.
  • Will be paid in AUD to you.
  • Will be paid through PayPal payment service.
  • You can refer as many people as you like.

A Few Reasons To Join

Top reasons to join our affiliate referral program:

Easy to Setup and Start

You can register now and start referring to your friends right away.

No Liabilities

You have nothing to loose under this program, just to gain.

Gain from Relationships

You have friends already, so start utilizing them to get rewards.

Interested In Becoming An Affiliate?

Join our program today!

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