Around a month ago we published our Intercom Subscription plugin to the repository. We are excited to announce that we have released 1.0.18 version of our versatile and flexible Intercom Subscription plugin with important features and improvements.

This version brings consent checkbox options, cleaner admin interface and new hooks for your greatest new WordPress website. Exciting indeed!

So let’s go through all the exciting new features we worked on for v1.0.18 release.

Added Consent Checkbox

Consent checkbox is a nice option. We think it should be an “option” – meaning, admin should have the control to enable or disable the checkbox. So, we have introduced an option for the admin to either provide a consent checkbox, or not. You can also play with the hook we introduced for the checkbox option.

Added Lots of New Hooks

Hooks are always a nice thing to play with. Especially if you’re a developer. So many new hooks have been added to this already great plugin, including user creation, settings fields and addon activation. Hopefully this covers every basic customization needs. We’re also open to requests for new hooks.

Cleaner Menu with Easier Activation Options

The Admin menu for Intercom Subscription plugin has been updated to be simple and more user friendly than before. Every setting page is available under one single menu, which does not clog up your WP Admin menu. It also has a colored icon to distinguish from other plugin pages.

Code Refactoring + Improvements

We have updated minor code structures and applied subtle naming changes. We have also added a class_exists check for all classes, so that they can be overriden from outside. These are under the hood changes. So, a user may not feel these changes happening but developers would love these.

Minor improvements:
– Revised readme
– File access security
– CSS formatted according to coding standards
– Removed debug code
– Minor code changes

Note: We have changed the option name for the “Access Token” field. If you suddenly find out that your access token is blank, this is normal! Please fill up the access token again.

We are very happy to release this version. We certainly hope to improve the plugin more and bring out new, fresh addons to help you achieve what you always wanted to do with Intercom. Feel free to let us know what you think of the changes and what we can implement in future versions.

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