Video Microlearning platform for Business and Professionals using Pipe’s API


Our client was in need of a video feedback system. He needed to improve his salesforce. And what is better than training a salesforce with a video. But posting a video of himself was not enough. He needed to see his students practice it in a video as well. They say, “Practice makes perfect.” Our client believed it as well. We liked his philosophy and the challenge, so we took the job.

Our task mainly was to:

  • Facilitate 3 kinds of user types: Administrator, Manager and User
  • A Manager can record videos. He can also add instructions to it in the form of text and pdf
  • An Admin can create a page for the video to be posted for some users
  • A User can see the posted videos on frontend and play the video
  • The user can then record a video following the instructions on the Manager’s video and submit
  • The Manager can review the recorded video and give feedback (the good and bad and ratings as well)

Our Solution

This is a complex project. But we have prepared this to be as easy as possible. Plus, we have in depth articles and documentations to help anyone who wants to setup a microlearning platform.

Here’s how we solved the problem:

User Roles

As soon as our plugin is installed, we prepare 3 User roles. 3 Roles are based on existing roles, so that we can maintain a better compatibility with the default WordPress roles:

Subscriber = User
Author = Manager
Administrator = Administrator


We have prepared various shortcodes to manage all the content for the frontend users. These work together to implement the control panels for users and managers.

Player Shortcodes

We have player shortcodes that are generated in WordPress AddPipe plugin. We have created an easy to use toolbar button in the WYSIWYG editor so that it can be inserted in video posts easily by managers.

Step by Step interface

The process for our assignment was a bit complex, so we divided the activities into separate steps that make the process easier. The interface is step based for both users and managers.

Feedback system and reply

The interface offered to the user lets him play the video assignment and record a response video. The manager can give feedback on the response and the user can see the feedback.

Putting it all together

Our plugin glues all the items together into a nice little package and helps your site to become a video powerhouse. Shows the appropriate interface to the appropriate users, manages recorded videos, shows them to appropriate people, takes feedbacks and shows them back to the users.

It was a complex project, but we had fun developing it.

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