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Our client had a plain job list on their website. They wanted to turn it into a job application system for the potential employees. They wanted to integrate JobAdder API to make things easier. They wanted so that new participants can register and apply for a job and additionally have the applicants on a MailChimp mailing list for later.

Our task mainly was to:

  • Integrate JobAdder API with WordPress
  • Implement submission of data to JobAdder API
  • Implement a registration form to enlist to JobAdder
  • Implement a MailChimp integration
  • Add backend settings for everything implemented

Our Solution

The project was simple with many things to integrate and test.

Here’s how we solved the problem:

JobAdder Integration

We had the job to integrate JobAdder with the WordPress. This way the integration is more accessible and managable on the user end. WordPress acts like a tool to hold various frontend and backend forms and interfaces to gather data. Our interface was there so that the employement process can shift to JobAdder interface on later stages.

JobAdder Data Submission

We built a data submission system to submit XML data for JobAdder. This used to be troublesome and needed FTP access to submit the data. We have built an interface which makes this process easier.

Registration Form

We have implemented a registration form for the new candidates on the website. The form has a range of fields that is presented and the data is submitted to JobAdder. Client can then carry on the next steps of the process from JobAdder.

MailChimp Integration

When a new participant is registered, he is automatically added to a MailChimp mailing list. Client wanted MailChimp integration into the implementation so that users are easily reachable in future if needed. MailChimp also makes mass email announcements easier.

Backend Settings

We added backend settings so that client can change things without our help. These settings include API settings for the integrations we implemented.

Putting it all together

At the end, we delivered a website with better integration with the JobAdder API that had aids better in managing new candidates.

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