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Our client wanted to sell custom-designed resume downloads as a service. They wanted it to be a subscription based system. They also wanted a step by step form to input the information and upon payment, to be able to download the uniquely designed, digitally generated resume. Inputting hundreds of fields may be a tiresome task for some. So they wanted LinkedIn integration so that it can auto-fill the form with the information on the profile.

Our task mainly was to:

  • Prepare a form to take inputs for the resume in multiple steps
  • Implement option to auto-fill fields from LinkedIn profile
  • Implement a My Account page for downloading the resume
  • Integrate WC Subscriptions into the download feature
  • Generate the Resume in PDF format with the field values
  • Implement the features so that the designs could be customizable


Our Solution

The project had a moderate mix of complexities which was enjoyable to solve.

Here’s how we solved the problem:


Multistep Form

We broke the fields into multiple steps to reduce the stress on the user. We designed the form so that user can freely move from one step to another. The fields were bound by rules and error checking was implemented for easily spotting mistakes in the field inputs.

LinkedIn Integration

Even after breaking down into steps, the number of fields was enormous. So we had to implement a LinkedIn integration into the project. The user can login to LinkedIn from the form page and after allowing the integration, the fields will be filled out automatically.

WC Subscriptions Integration

Our client planned on selling the resume downloads as a subscription service. So we implemented the project around WooCommerce Subscriptions. The project requires an active subscription before filling out the form or downloading the resume.

Resume Downloads

We implemented a download page which appears after the form is filled out. The download option is also available from a custom My Accounts page for later downloads. The user can download their resumes in PDF format when he needs to. The PDF has custom font implementation and is ready for print right away.

Customizable Designs

We implemented the PDF generation feature with mpdf, which is a very versatile pdf library. We utilized its HTML-to-PDF capabilities to make it easy to incorporate templates later on. We kept the designs separate in templates so that the output can be customized.

Putting it all together

At the end our client got what he wanted. A dynamic PDF resume builder system with custom designs, subscriptions and the power of LinkedIn integration.

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