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Directory for Businesses using Mapplic Custom Maps with GeoDirectory



Our client wanted a directory system with GeoDirectory plugin, which has Google Maps integration by default. But our client wanted Mapplic maps to be integrated with GeoDirectory pages. They wanted a feature to be able to upload a custom image for the map and show custom name, logo, address on the map. We have worked on Google Maps before. But Mapplic seemed like a new challenge for us. So we took the job.

Our task mainly was to:

  • Setup a business directory
  • Implement payments to get listed
  • Each directory page will have a Mapplic map and custom map can be uploaded
  • Ensure Businesses will be able to pin things in the map and show where things are
  • Ensure Businesses will be able to login, pay and apply changes to the entry
  • Implement a way so that they can choose some info to be shown on search results at will

Our Solution

The problem was simple, but we had to dig in deep into the code to get the solution.

Here’s how we solved the problem:

Business Directory

Business Directory was at the center of this project. Client had preference for GeoDirectory plugin but was flexible if any other plugin fit the purpose. We found GeoDirectory to be enough for the requirements and decided to go with it. It had helpful hooks to make our modifications easier.

Integrate Mapplic

Client requested a map system to be implemented so that users or admin can show custom maps, pin places in the map and set custom details which was not possible with other plugins at the time. So we integrated Mapplic in GeoDirectory as a sidebar widget.

Pin Places

We implemented a feature to pin places in the custom map. We also implemented so that various data can be shown with the pin, for example, short description about the place, category, link, thumbnail etc. We also implemented separate zoom level settings for every pinned place.

Edit Information

Our client wanted a feature to be able to add and edit category, address, phone number, website address, logo, images and custom field options for a business. GeoDirectory has an edit option for frontend and also had those fields they wanted, which made it easy for us implement this featrure.

Control Search Results

We implemented an option for users to choose which information gets shown on the search result for their listing. A business can show their office time, phone, website, Facebook URL, Twitter URL, special offers etc. on search result if they wish to.

Putting it all together

Finally we delivered the solution to the client. Our client got a directory system which can accept payments for presence and provide a way to show useful information on the map which can help businesses to grow.

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