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Customized Course Management with LearnPress and Gravity Forms


Our client had a LearnPress based course management system. They wanted better control over the courses they offer. They wanted manual approval of new enrolments, custom user roles for new students, student based separate instructors, custom handling of course completion etc. There were many things to implement so we got into coding.

Our task mainly was to:

  • Make the Gravity Forms for enrolment, apply for a course etc. to integrate with our plugin
  • Implement a feature so that client can manually approve a student for enrolment
  • Create and manage user roles automatically
  • Make courses available to one exclusively for that user and none other
  • Generate a dynamic pdf certificate from the given information
  • Implement a certificate request feature with pdf certificate emailing

Our Solution

The requirements were not hard, but needed a lot of coding and testing before we got this right.

Here’s how we solved the problem:


When student applies with a Gravity Form with their name, it places the request for an website admin. We detected this form fillup and we sent a request for the admin to accept it. Website admin manually reviews the request and accepts if satisfactory.

Custom User Roles

Client explicitly requested that when new students register with their name, a new user role should be created with his name. They wanted so that they can distinguish the particular student separately and show him exclusive courses.

User Separation

A course is limited to a student by his user role. Client requested that one student cannot access courses designed for other students. So their courses are separate per user.

Certificate Generation

Certificate is generated dynamically on the server. We have prepared an automated system that generates the certificate with the student’s information. We have used dompdf as the pdf library for this feature.


Course Completion Email

When a student completes his courses, he is guided to click a button to manually mark the courses complete. This action emails the student with the dynamically generated certificate attached to it.

Putting it all together

When we finished, we delivered a semi-automatic system for learning with LearnPress and Gravity Forms. We hope it aids in the learning of many.

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