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Custom Event Registration for Dog Walks based on WooCommerce



Our client wanted a Registration system for a dog walking event. They already had planned the project with WooCommerce which saved us time and allowed us to concentrate straight into the development process. They wanted us to step in to create a step by step registration system so that users can register to participate in their dog runs. They had many merchandise customization options and product add-on ideas on their plan.

Our task mainly was to:

  • Prepare a multi step enrolment form for the registration process
  • Implementing fields for participants and family members
  • Implementing input fields for T-shirt sizes
  • Preparing feature for additional products to be bought with the registration
  • Put the data to cart for ordering
  • Custom emails for event registration
  • CSV export options for participants list


Our Solution

The project was simple but had some complex details. It made us think for both frontend and backend at the same time.

Here’s how we solved the problem:

Multistep Form

The multistep form was at the heart of the project. We implemented a shortcode to put this form in any page. The form presents the fields step by step and supports going back and forth in case any change is necessary. It stores all its field values in browser session until it is submitted.

Multiple Participants

We had to build the form with options for multiple participants in a single form. One form entry can handle the user, any children and virtual run member. Each had separate form fields, validation rules and structure.

Customizable Options

We have implemented a customization option for T-shirt that every participant gets. It had options for extra T-shirts as well. One can order one or multiple number of T-shirts from the form. The T-shirt sizes were saved as variations and selections can be edited later from cart.

Add-on Products

There were some extra products that the participant can buy as an option. These were handled by the form with separate fields. These products are WooCommerce products, added to the cart when ordering. We implemented settings so that the products can be selected from the plugin settings page and changed if necessary.

Custom Email and CSV Export

Besides the usual WooCommerce Emails, we were asked to implement a custom email for participants and admin when a new registration is submitted. We implemented custom templates so that emails can be customized when needed. We also implemented a CSV Export feature so that list of participants can be exported.


Putting it all together

At the end, our client had a multi-step registration system for dog walks that they always wanted. The plugin allowed easy to use interface to receive and maintain a list of participants.

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