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We hear from enterprise publishers, entrepreneurs building the next big thing, and organizations rethinking their online marketing strategy. While their backgrounds and goals are unique, the people who choose to work with us are seeking a partner to help them refine, design, build, and support their vision with thoughtful strategy, best-in-class engineering, and long-term guidance.


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Some Tips to Create a Good Relationship With us When Posting Your Project

  • It's best to write a short and to the point description of the task with a realistic lead time.
  • Leave out the unnecessary details here because we will communicate further in email about them.
  • After submission of your request, we will try our best to respond to your request quickly (you may experience delay during weekends).
  • All of our development work has a pricing policy of between $60-$90 USD per hour and we guarantee that your work will be handled by our experts.
  • After we do further communication with you and discuss the details, you have the power to either hire us or not based on the discussion.

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