Copernica Lite for WordPress

Integrate two worlds together

A plugin that can seamlessly integrate Copernica members with your existing WordPress content. A powerful duo!

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Copernica for WordPress plugin integrates tightly with your WordPress installation and leverages your already great member-base on Copernica email marketing tool. The plugin does the hard work, so you don’t have to.

Copernica is highly customizable and feature-rich, and WordPress is infinitely customizable. It is an unbeatable combination when these two platforms meet!


– Free!
– Easy installation
– Easy setup
– Easy integration with Copernica userbase
– Integration based on Mailing list is possible
– Manual available with instructions

Detailed Features

– Subscribe form with easy shortcode
– Ajax powered interface
– Mailing list selection
– Easy, self-explanatory settings
– Localization possible


There are no requirements, except having a neat Copernica account within your reach! Just install our plugin, configure and forget!

– Copernica account
– WordPress installation
– Our plugin installed and configured


We have documentation entries for this plugin to help you get started.

[ Documentation ]